This is my first effort at blogging on the site so here goes.

It has been a great spring on the trails at the gap.

We have witnessed the completion of the D&L trail between the Nature Center and Three Ponds in East Bowman's.  This will make the first 2.3 miles of the trail run much more forgiving.  And much faster.

Ruby and I have seen some great wildlife, including a doe and her fawn, turkey and a hawk soaring within 50 feet of us as we crested the top of Blue Mountain on the Charcoal trail.

I finally figured out how to loop back onto the blue trail coming from the North.  That stretch of the blue trail which takes you back to the cell towers over the Lehigh Tunnel has some great views of the Lehigh River and Carbon County to the North.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite trails.

Been thinking a lot about the trail run this fall.  Very excited about it.  If it is a success.  I have routes in mind for the next couple of years including an Alpe d'Huez style mountain top finish in 2013.

Thanks for your interest in the event. Mike